Sanitation and Hygiene starts with you and me

Sanitation Capacity Building

BWDC has been working in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) since for more than 20 years, starting in the 2009 primarily with small sanitation projects in individual communities. Over time the organization’s strategy evolved to providing finance linked with development initiatives. BWDC gained much experience in the subsequent decades, including a significant scale-up through its Mahasakthi Microfinance Services wherein households lent to improve access to water and proper sanitation for households.

In 2009, BWDC made a strategic decision to scale up its investment in WASH, making an increased, targeted investment in WASH in Thiruvarur and Nagapattinam districts. This subsequently became an important pillar at BWDC and today, BWDC finances a range of developmental causes from education and health to safe water and sanitation. Because of this strategic investment, more than 31,000 toilets have been reached with WASH interventions between 2009-2017 and have covered over 545 villages of Southern Tamilnadu.

BWDC began in collaboration with Maanaveeya Development & Finance Private Limited, through both grant (capacity building and technical assistance) and loan funds with the aim of providing low income earners the possibility to purchase or build safe water and sanitation facilities.

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