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To lend a helping hand in the “Nation Building” activity, the BWDC is participating in the “Financial Inclusion “effort of the RBI by becoming “Banking Correspondent”. As a part of this initiative, the City Union Bank, (CUB) Kumbakonam has appointed BWDC as one of the “Banking Correspondent“ in the field of Rural Development and Micro Finance for a cluster of 74 villages.


This programme is being implemented in the 12 selected tsunami affected villages of Nagapattinam District. The sponsorship program is funded by the Child Fund India. ChildFund India is a child development organization representing the voice of deprived, excluded and vulnerable children in India regardless of their race, creed and gender, since 1951. Presently, we are assisting more than 1.73 million children and families across the country with our unique child-centric intervention programs.ChildFund India is a part of ChildFund International, a global child development and protection agency, headquartered in US, serving more than 17.8 million children and family members in 30 countries. ChildFund International is a member of the ChildFund Alliance – a global network of 12 organizations which assists millions of children and families across 58 countries.


Family Counselling Centre was started during the year 1999 with the help of Central Social Welfare Board (TSWB), Chennai and functioning effectively with the guidance & coordination of the District Administration in the identification of clients.  The Central Social Welfare Board is the key organisation in the field of social welfare in India. Created in 1953 it comprises of a full-time chairperson and members representing state and union territories. Its general body consists of 51 members headed by the chairperson. She is appointed by the government in consultation with the ministry of social welfare from amongst prominent women social workers.

The general body consists of representatives nominated by state govern­ments, social scientists, representatives from the ministries of finance, rural reconstruction, health education and social welfare and one member from Planning Commission. In addition three members of Parliament, social workers, social scientists and social welfare administrators are also included in the general body.


With the funding support from FINISH – Financial Inclusion Improves Sanitation and Health, BMDC strives to improve sanitation and thereby, living and economic conditions of poor rural and per-urban households, through economic incentives, primarily enhancing financial inclusion of these households.

FINISH pursues sanitation for all through an integrated model that addresses both the demand and supply side of the sanitation challenge in India. The programme works with a multi-stakeholder approach to address the entire value chain. It raises awareness on and creates demand for sanitation services amongst end-users by mobilising the supply side of sanitation, while integrating financial resources into the value chain.


For those aged group of people who have been shunned by society and their loved ones, the Old Age Home (OAH) gives them a chance to spend the second innings of their lives with other likeminded people their own age, with comfort and all the major facilities that they require during this fragile age. The home was started in the year 1993 to address the needs of senior citizens. At present the home has 25 residents in Kattur / Pavithiramannikam village in Tiruvarur district. At OAH we pride ourselves on providing our residents with best-practice service, aiming to meet their physical, psychological and spiritual requirements


BWDC initiated the Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts (IRCA) and has been continuously supported by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, since 2001


BWDC began in collaboration with Maanaveeya Development & Finance Private Limited, through both grant (capacity building and technical assistance) and loan funds with the aim of providing low income earners the possibility to purchase or build safe water and sanitation facilities.

Maanaveeya Development & Finance Private Limited (Maanaveeya) is an Indian subsidiary of Oikocredit, a 40 year old Global Development Financing Institution that responds to the needs of businesses that create jobs and income for disadvantaged people. Maanaveeya operates throughout India. Maanaveeya provides loans that stimulate sustainable development.

Oikocredit’s mission is to empower disadvantaged people with credit. As a socially responsible investment opportunity Oikocredit promotes global justice by converting investments into credit. It aims for high social impact and sustainable development and offers financing to project partners in around 60 countries in the developing world.


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