"Enriched by the values of family, our old age home is a place where respect, integrity of life and compassion are supported by holistic care and well-being experiences."

Old Age Home

For those aged group of people who have been shunned by society and their loved ones, the Old Age Home (OAH) gives them a chance to spend the second innings of their lives with other likeminded people their own age, with comfort and all the major facilities that they require during this fragile age. The home was started in the year 1993 to address the needs of senior citizens. At present the home has 25 residents in Kattur / Pavithramanickam village in Thiruvarur district.

BWDC has been able to create conducive environments where the aged get a chance to engage with other people of their own age and also pursue a range of interest related activities.

At OAH we pride ourselves on providing our residents with best-practice service, aiming to meet their physical, psychological and spiritual requirements. Our staff expertise, knowledge, caring and understanding approach provides day to day support and encourages residents to lead a full and enriched life, through meaningful experiences. The programme has a linkage with the nursery school which is also located in the nearby campus where the small children are coming and also to have affectionate contact and relationship with the aged people.


  • BWDC gives complete care of the residents like medical checkup, clothes besides nutritious food and shelter.   In addition to this, they are also provided with reading room facilities with newspapers, magazines, etc and recreation facilities. A few chosen experienced people also help in cooking, maintenance of kitchen garden and other sundry activities.
  • The Old Age Home programme is a well popularized programme in the area of Tiruvarur district and many of the local donors are also supporting in various manners like morally, financially, materially and socially.

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