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Mahasakthi Micro Finance Services

Our Micro Finance activities – Mahasakthi Micro Finance Programme, initiated in the year 2009, is one of the well-known microfinance institutions in the Thiruvarur & Nagapattinam Districts focusing on the sustainability of financial inclusion programmes and the development of women and their families. Microfinance, contrary to its name, is making a macro level change in the global poverty alleviation initiatives.

Presently, Mahasakthi Finance Programme is one of the renowned and the largest microfinance institutions across the Districts of Thiruvarur & Nagapattinam in terms of its outreach and large credit portfolio. As of now, its serves 36,618 households in 3 districts of Southern Tamilnadu utilizing the dedicated services of more than 100 employees.

Thus far, Mahasakthi had disbursed over 20 crores for various income generating activities and the present loan outstanding portfolio is Rs 15.87 crore. We have established more than 5,000 JLGs and SHGs groups. With the varied products, Mahasakthi not only aims at achieving the economic sustainability of its women members, but also facilitates holistic empowerment of women and their families in social and cultural fronts..

The main objectives of micro finance are as under:

  • To promote investments in income generating assets so as to improve the livelihood opportunities
  • To reduce migration of small & marginal farmers and others
  • To provide micro finance on easy terms both for investments and consumption purposes
  • To reduce dependence on moneylenders
  • To encourage group lending and exert community pressure for timely repayment
Portfolio at risk (0 - 1) 0.00
Loan loss reserve Ratio (01) 1
Risk coverage Ratio 0%
Write-off ratio 0
Operational self-sufficiency % 116%
Capital Adequacy Ratio 21.68
Debt-equity ratio 403
Portfolio yield 55.4
Financial Self Sufficiency 13%

Outreach Particulars


States Tamil Nadu
Districts Thiruvarur, Nagapattinam & Thanjavur.
No of Branches 6
No of Members (Women) 36618
Active Clients 17656
No of Villages Covered 545
Present Portfolio 15.87Crs
Present Net worth 3.81 Crs


+91 04366 244377
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