Health & Sanitation Through Financial Inclusion

FINISH – Health & Sanitation

With the funding support from FINISH – Financial Inclusion Improves Sanitation and Health, BMDC strives to improve sanitation and thereby, living and economic conditions of poor rural and per-urban households, through economic incentives, primarily enhancing financial inclusion of these households. Under this programme1 million toilets will be constructed throughout the country over a period of five years or so. Since the signing of “Memorandum of Understanding “ with the Finish Society in the year 2009 the programme is being implemented vigorously.

Key Achievements

  • Individual Household Latrines
  • Capacity building of community, animators, school children, PRIs.
  • Information, Education and Communication (IEC)Activities.
  • Provision of loans for toilet construction (constructing a hygienic toilet, consisting of three models – Septic tank, Single pit &Double pit including the costs of requisite materials, construction and labor). Loans were disbursed for renovation of existing toilets.
  • School Sanitation.
  • Linkages with government subsidy schemes.
  • BWDC creates new designs which are suitable to the people, area, geographical and climatic conditions.
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