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Family Couselling Centre

Family Counselling Centre was started during the year 1999 with the help of Central Social Welfare Board (TSWB), Chennai and functioning effectively with the guidance & coordination of the District Administration in the identification of clients. This family counseling centre focuses on misunderstanding problems, suspiciousness, unemployment, depression, love affair, extra marital affair, pre-marital problem, dowry problem etc. The family counseling centre help the individual for an enhanced level of functioning when they are unable to cope with the problem brought in by these changes. Our family counseling centre aims at reducing the problems and crisis, strengthening family coping skills, effecting positive changes in the attitude, improvement in life style, providing timely counselling and support to lead a qualitative life style.

The Prime Objectives of the Programme

  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Counseling for destitute women
  • Legal counseling for women in divorce cases
  • Counseling for marital, mal- adjustment problems.
  • Counseling to tackle issues like eve teasing.


Total Cases Handled during the year 2017-2018 - 143
Cumulative - 3622


+91 04366 244377
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