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Children Sponsorship Programme

With the funding support from Child Fund India, BWDC implements the children sponsorship programme through the funding support from Child Fund International. This programme is being implemented in the 12-selected Tsunami affected villages of Nagapattinam District. The programme covers about 10001 children and their families through the life-cycle approach that Child Fund adopts. The programme provides essential healthcare support, quality education and skill protection, life skills training, child protection, gender equity and disaster management.

Life Stage 1:

This intervention addresses health and nutrition of mother, adolescents and children for infants and young children aged 0 to 5 to ensure improved nutrition, health, safety and early learning experiences. We prepare the community to practice safe motherhood, be aware of relevant government schemes, boost antenatal care and institutional delivery and reduce child malnutrition.

Life Stage 2:

Programmes for children and young adolescents aged 6 to 14. It focuses on increased learning, health, positive relationships with peers and adults, and skills for active participation in family, school and community life. Upon crossing age 5, children shift to Life stage 2 programme where the focus in on providing quality education. Child Clubs, Child Parliaments, Child Welfare Committees, Child Resource Centres, Youth Resource Centres and Youth Clubs are some of the forums that play a catalytic role.

Life Stage 3:

Programme for youth aged 15 to 24; Once children cross age 14, they enter Life Stage 3. The goal here is to create skilled and involved youth. Our intervention focuses on life and livelihood and prepares them for responsive parenthood. We provide skill development training to bring up successful entrepreneurs. We are also conduct job fair to create an opening to the youths and adolescents.

Achievements oftheyear 2016-2017
Educational kit to 9th and 10th enrolled children 100
Beyond school hours at CRC 200
Awareness to community people of child protection and education through street play/campaign 596
Educational Scholarship Rs. 1000/Head 146
Skill Development Programme 150
Session life skill workshop 200



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